used optical manufacturing equipment for sale

Spindle Polishers
1 spindle polisher, Strasbaugh, Model 6-T
1 spindle polisher, Strasbaugh, Model 6AD-1, lower tilt spindle, 18” capacity
1 spindle polisher, Strasbaugh, custom unit with double eccentric 8” capacity
1 spindle polisher, WinZip, 15” capacity
2 spindle polisher, Kyotsu-Seiki KOH 0Z-S2/P2, 4.5” capacity,for steep radius work (2 units)
2 spindle polisher, Strasbaugh 6UR-2, 8” capacity, one spindle not working
2 spindle polisher, Strasbaugh, 8” capacity, one spindle missing
2 spindle polisher, Strasbaugh, Model 6DE-DC2, 10” capacity
3 spindle polisher, R & C, 12” capacity
4 spindle polisher, Kwangin, 3.5” capacity (2 units)
4 spindle polisher, Rogers and Clarke, Model P100/RP4
4 spindle polisher, Strasbaugh Model RGDE-4, 8-10” capacity
5 spindle polisher, CMV 5/25, 3” capacity
6 spindle polisher, Unknown Style, 6” capacity
6 spindle polisher, SSP-6SD-SYU, 4” capacity
8 spindle polisher, Dama, 3” capacity
10 spindle stick polisher, Strasbaugh, Model 6AA-10, 2”capacity

Double Sided Polishers
SPM (Speedfam Clones), 10” capacity, 5 carriers (6 units)
PR Hoffman model 66T with lift
PR Hoffman model 66T without lift (2 units)

CP Grinders/Polishers
California Optical pitch CP, 48”
Lapmaster benchtop CP, Model 15-0, 6” ID rings
60” CP, not complete

Rotary Grinders
Ichikawa IBC-240, 22” table

Pellet Grinders
Rogers and Clarke, 4” capacity
Rogers and Clarke, 6” capacity

Centering and Edging Machines
Huffman CNC diamond edger 12” capacity
LOH edger, Model LZ80 (4 units)
Saida Seiki edger

Coburn generator, Model 604
LOH Horizontal generator 3” capacity
Mildex GMV 125 generator, 6” capacity
Rogers and Clarke G-150 generator
Rogers and Clarke G-300 generator
Strasbaugh 7M generator, 12” capacity, needs work
Strasbaugh 7M generator, 16” capacity

Cut off saw, small 6” OD blade
DoAll diamond band saw, Model 67060
DoAll Hydro diamond band saw
Felker cut off saw
Gray cut off saw
Meyer Burger slurry saws GS1 (2 units)
Meyer Burger wire saw, DS 264/4, 2009
Strasbaugh OD saw auto drive, Model 10H

POE Interfire 633 4” interferometer (needs camera)

Motorized hand beveling machine, max 8” diameter (2 units)
C-face reducer, Tigear, Size 035B010M180LI, new (3 units)
Grinder, rough abrasive manual overarm, 14” max plate
Grinder, side sided PR Hoffman, Model PR-2
Milling Machine, MSG Bridgeport style
Moore jig bore #3
Oven, Linberg Conveyor, Model 821
Precision honing machine, Sunnen
Pump, Flex-Flo, A-1630-6 (8 units)
Pump, Hydromatic, OSP33BRA1 (15 units)
Pump, Serfilco Ltd, C143T34FC11E, new (3 units)
Surface grinder, Manhattan Supply
Tool grinder, GP GOERZ
Vibration isolation table, TMC, 60” x 60” (2 units)

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