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ID Saws

PRECISION Sawing options

Advanced Glass Industries has many computer controlled precision saws to cut optical glass blanks from materials like fused silica and optical glass. Our two PBS-180 units were custom designed, and can saw parts up to 8” x 6” x 6”, while holding thickness tolerances of 0.003” and flatness tolerances of 0.005”. Our nine STC ID saws cut up to 6” in diameter, with 0.003” thickness tolerance, and 0.002” flatness tolerance. Our HCT wire saw is ideal for large volume orders of thin substrates. We are pleased to announce the addition of 3 Meyer Burger DS264/4 diamond wire saws. The wire saw makes multiple cuts simultaneously, reducing sawing time. And kerf loss for the wire saw is only 0.008”.

Wire Saw
PBS Saws
Block of glass on
                            wire saw
ID Sawed Parts